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Friday, November 23, 2012

YUNA Homecoming Concert @ TS Penang

To be frank, I enjoyed the concert and Yuna & Kyoto Protocol did perform very well.  

Except for Diandra. I think she would be a good poet. She could barely sing live and sang like 6 songs for the opening act and  made the crowd wonder whose concert is this? One more thing, most of the fans only knew Yuna's malay songs and they were like on mute mode, some sat down, some busy taking pictures with Yuna on stage performing as background and the list goes down  when Yuna were singing her english hits. 

Anyway I did enjoy the concert despite of what I write here. I am looking forward for Yuna's performance in the future 

let sweep everything about YUNA Homecoming Concert in Penang controversy under the rug.