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Monday, April 23, 2012

Port Dickson

Doing picnic thingy on a very small mat

Banana Boat!
*RM60 per trip*

After the boat hit the iceberg!



Friday, April 13, 2012

The Sky

The sky is so dark,
The moon is out of sight,
I'm sitting at the park.
Please shed me some light .

Why the sky is so dark?
Where the stars go to hide?
Why this happen tonight?
When I feel so hard.

No, the sky is not dark,
No, the moon is not out of sight, 
I know I only have to fight,
Even though I'm in the plight 

Suddenly the sky become so bright,
The moon and the stars dancing in the light,
When we do something right,
We are never out of His sight.  

written by me who is afraid of the dark ;)

A Cup Of Coffee

Having a cup of coffee,
Over my friend's story,
It is so spooky,
Makes me wanna pee.

After a cup of coffee,
I am no longer sleepy,
Try to do some activity,
But I am too weary.

Hey you a cup of coffee,
You make me dizzy,
I go to watch some telly,
Finally the telly watches me.

A new day and it's shiny,
I am no longer dreamy,
Now having a cup of coffee,
I feel so cheery.

originally by me who drinks the coffee ;)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Aaron Aziz @ PD

I found Aaron Aziz version of Port Dickson . At least one person agree with me he does look like one

Presenting, tadaaaa :
oh this shot do not show the resemblance too much, let us move to the next one


Do you agree with me?

Please agree with me!!!