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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Singapore Day 2 - Part 1

We spent almost the whole day at US..My jaw was sore for smiling for photographs! too much picture for second day, so I decided to split it to two parts..The first part is before we entered the theme part..We arrived there too early, so we had so much time for snapping pictures

It is a must to pose in front of the US globe

Going to Candylicious!

Crap! My brain cells seem to be going a bit dead..Random pixels in random order..Hahaha..Seriously lupa!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Singapore Day 1

This is the entry for the preview..There are a few sequels for Getaway entry but it wont be as much as Harry Potter sequels..I could not be more grateful, though I made last minute preparation but I made it..Last minute passport, last minute bus ticket and last minute of everything!..I was in restlessness and the timing was just perfect to lay down my hair..Thanks for Herlinos anyway, this getaway won't happen without you guys..Zillions of thank! So for the rest of the journey let pictures ant its caption speak for me

in MRT heading to hotel..I was wearing tired faced because of the buslag..
returning the MRT ticket..We got back 1 dollar for each ticket..
I was pretending there ( looking at the bus map ) and  while others waiting for the bus..next stop Orchard Road!
in front of the hotel..same attire but I took my shower OKAY!..

We keep asking peoples like ten times where the hell is Orchard Road

Finally we found it! These are some photos of us along the Orchard Road..It is a road full of malls and a heaven for shopaholics and hell for shopaholic with not much dollars ( like me! ;)


in front of window display for Prada
LV is a must..I mean for posing
This pix is from the Preview entry
Looking for mosque was one of the toughest thing to do..I was at one of the malls along the street
Hey !
K-Pop standard pose  !
With the Herlinos..A perfecto family photo..I did not feel like stanger though I was a stranger
We look alike, dont we? I was replacing Aldo for the whole trip! Haha..
While they were bargaining for the camera
In front of Naughty where they sell nasty stuff for _ _ _..This shop is everywhere and I guess Heidi Syafiq mesti suka!