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Sunday, July 12, 2009

20 ( Part 2 )

Happy Birthday to me.. Days go by and I grow younger (but I’m not like Benjamin Button ;p)..Now I am nineteen-year-old-and-twelve-month or silly to say I am sweet 20 and that is mean I have lived for 2 decades already..I feels great,I feel good and I feel smug to be who I am now..To all my family & friends, I want to say a big thank you for your wishes that you guys have sent via sms, facebook and so forth..Credit is given to one of my bff (Schazmin), who is the first person to wish..Thank you so much lah..

So last meaningful Thursday, I earmarked a little budget to celebrate my 20 years journey..It was a low-key celebration due to economy problem..It was a joy of having it at all day..It was casted by me (of course la), Myra the podgy & Zaki the “tak tahu nak bagi ape adjective”..I received 5 presents from them..Not bad..Haha..Hey the couple, thank you for all the way came from uniten to celebrate my birthday..Love you guys..You rock my day that day

As usual, these are a few pixels that I took

THE END !!!!!

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