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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Film Review : Orphan

I just came back from watched the Orphan..I have to tell you the truth..The truth of the matter fact is this movie is damn good!!..Every penny you spent for this movie is worth ( I ade orang bayar )..You should go and dont buy any food or drink ( I dont want you to get stomarch ache and to avoid you to pee when the movie is rolling)..You gonna stick your ass to the chair and focus your eyes to the screen..This is what was happened to me when I was watching this movie

It is about a girl who actually 33 years old already but due to the lacked of hormon (something to do with her hormon inside the body) she looked like a 9 years old decent girl..She dissapeared from mental hospital at Russia and I know know how she managed to stay one of the orphanage house at Connecticut..When Kate & John went to the orphanage house, they quite like at this girl named Esther..She looked perfect from the eyes of the the couple..So Kate & John adopted her since Kate just lost her third child..Everything was OK at the beginning, Esther seemed to be so nice to all the person she met at her new house..But snow is not always white..Esther started her evil plan by murdering the sister from her orphanage house because she think, the sister knew about her past life..After that she started to make bad things for every peoples surrounded her except for John..She tried to Make John believe that Kate had broken her arm, and tried to kill her brother ( I forgot his name )..The reason why Esther wont do anything bad to John is because she wanted John..After Kate got a phone call from a mental hospital ( where used to be threaten before she was placed at the orphanage house ), Kate rushly went back to his house to save Max and John..Finally, John was killed by Esther ( after Esther did not manage to seduce John) and Max is survived..Esther died in the snow pond after fighted with Kate..Oh, The purpose of Esther wore the ribons both at her arm and neck is to cover her scars..THE END


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