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Monday, January 25, 2010

IB For The Very First Time

It was an eerie surrounding the moment I paced my foots into the bus..Because I damn gorgeous, everyone was looking at me..Haha..I was thinking why on earth some of them dressed up like that..At first, I thought we were going to celebrate Xmas but yesterday is not 25 december and I did not see any wrapped parcels and any christmas tree decorated with mistletoes..

I spent the entire journey to IB by reading THE GIFT by Cecilia Ahern and I did not even close my eyes's lid..Yes I do talked with old colleagues that I knew..FYI, a lot of peculiar peoples in the bus and luckily I was survived..

Before the theatre started, Syaufiq ask me either I wanted to shake my hands or not with the rest of the students that followed the trip..But primly I said BIG NO..I have my very own strict policy..Sorry, some of them scared me..

About the theater I watched last night, I have zero to tell..Suam suam kuku je and boleh lah tak boleh..It was sort of hillarious because Sabri Yunus was there and even though they used Kelantanese dialect, I dont get what they tried to deliver to the audiens..My advice is maybe they have to eat "budu" or "belacan" first before they use the dialect..

& here are the things we did before, in the middle and after the show was over :

anna & apis
while watching
i lupalah dia wife sape
Juhara Ayob
Johnny Depp MakYong version
Sabri Yunus
Senior yang kaya
we call her "kecik"
who am i??


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NisKaLa said...

syafiq !! Not syaufiq dear !! erm..satu lagi..saya tak kaya pon !! hahaha..uisy...makyong tuh best kot !! hahaha..starting jer bosan ~