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Friday, April 9, 2010

Sir Herman Best ;)

I do really missed and adored Mr Herman's lecture..His lecture was loaded with jokes..If his jokes like overloaded current, my fuse in my brain may exploded..He may make the nerd who so serious studying at least smile through their gritted teeth :)

Today was our last class with him, where we had to present our mini project, a prototype of FM transmitter, where every one's dream to become a radio DJ, granted..I recalled one of his jokes this evening..He said he will of to Geneva soon, and now in Geneva they are having spring season..He said he will bring back tulip..Not the flower, but tulip when pronounced may sound like "two lips"..All of us laugh out loud..Haha..Another one was, before we started our presentation :

Encik Herman : Ade siape2 yang buat slide show?
One Of The Student : Cik cakap tak payah hari tu
Encik Herman : Memanglah tak payah, sebab slide show tu senang je nak buat ( jokingly )

And the seminar room once again conquered with the voice of people's laughing..Haha
His lecture rarely held at usual lecture room..We had entered seminar room and even meeting room..Screw UTeM with the law only master student can use the seminar room..We also UTeM's student and we deserved any facilities provided..So wth??

And at last, say goodbye to lecture say hi to final..When we will be grateful for having big head..First paper will be Power Engineering subject..Madam J said if we score 90/100 for final, she will give us an A..Even Einstein cant get that mark if he did not refer books during the test..With carry mark just enough to survive, I can see brightly ( no spotlights required ), how much I am gonna get for this paper..Phew!!!..


ps : this post is nothing to do to seduce the lecturer involved to get high mark..just for fun :)

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Anonymous said...


i think no one like Mr. herman hahaha..
GOOD LUCK 4 we r exams ^______^""