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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last Day For Fifth Sem

It's James's birthday today! Flour + Eggs  



sweet_cherry said...

whr is my photo?

Anonymous said...

revenge will came..
wait n see ya dude!!..
u play wit a wrong person mate...

ApisHilton said...

RT Leong : that day we did not take photo together..next semester okay

RT Anonymous which is Nik : Chocolate powder so tasty..hehe

zaihasraf said...

Apis..I do read your blog sometimes when i have no other thing to do..hahaha...by the way my name spell zaihasraf ok..please remember...kekeke...gud luk on ur final exam..send my regard to all..may the force be with u..

ApisHilton said...

RT zaihasraf ( did I spell ur name correctly this time )..proud to have avid follower..nway tq ;)