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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Singapore Day 2 - Part 1

We spent almost the whole day at US..My jaw was sore for smiling for photographs! too much picture for second day, so I decided to split it to two parts..The first part is before we entered the theme part..We arrived there too early, so we had so much time for snapping pictures

It is a must to pose in front of the US globe

Going to Candylicious!

Crap! My brain cells seem to be going a bit dead..Random pixels in random order..Hahaha..Seriously lupa!


dylla fadzil 小草莓 said...

soooooo envy you! hohoooo

Apis Hilton said...

please dont! hehe

Heidi Shafiq said...

byk betul pic ko blanje pusat.. kenyang aku tengok.. :P

Apis Hilton said...

haha..xpe..blog ni x ramai readers!