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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

KRU at Sekolah Menengah Vokasional Melaka Tengah

Because I know writing down "I like shopping and movies" for my CV under activities would not go very well, then I decided to join a sort of motivation camp "Kem Remaja Unggul" aslo know as KRU, organised by my faculty association, SAFEE, last weekend..Since the laughing machine, Kak Ani, joined the camp too, I thought why not I join the camp too..This is a part of me doing social services as Singaporean Malaysian   along with my intention to get certificate as many as I could to attach with my resume..

Halve of the truth is, I was really stoked about this camp because this is my first time of being Abang Fasi..err*..Gelimat sekejap..Seriously, the camp was fun, especially at the closing ceremony where candidates asked for my autograph and facebook account..For a moment I had the feeling of being a public figure..Feel free to slap me for the feeling though..

Other than that, the war game where team from candidates against team from facilitator was fun too where we were cheating the amount of weapon we had to attack the other team..100 bullets for facilitator's team and 30 bullets for candidate's team..Oh hell yeah, definitely we won the game! Hahaha

And as usual, let the pictures do the talking..Enjoy!

Activities with the rest of the facilitator 

doing my share of being a facilitator :)..some activities with the candidates


noraini maan said...

loughing machine??? how dare u.. :p

Apis Hilton said...

RT norainimaan : degree in mocking

nabila riduan said...

im your new follower..
follow me too ya :))