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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ball On The Water

TV commercials play huge role on me especially when it involve my fave personality. As for me ; Yuna.

Her TV commercial for Libresse has influenced me to buy Libresse for mom to play water ball. Not rolling on the ground as she did but floating on the water like I did recently. 

I kept stumbling everytime I tried to step up..A sudden vision of me when I was a child came through my mind..It was me as a toddler trying to walk.

Okay that was a joke. 

I couldn't think of anything except for trying to figure how to balance the ball..It was a "breathtaking" experience..After I was out of the ball (thank God), I felt like the world was spinning faster that it used to be..I say this is one of the thousand things you have to do before you will be diagnosed with asthma..

PS : I think the organiser paid RM5 per person and the ball is yours until you are spent! 


Anonymous said...

next up, bungee jumping! hahaha

Apis Hilton said...

RT Dylla Fadzil : that one after I get married, if I got..hahaaa

salwafatin said...

kt mana ni?nk jgk!

Apis Hilton said...

RT salwafatin :kt tasik ayer keroh, jom lah dtg melaka

Delila Abu Bakar said...

This is so much fun! My friends did try it before. :D


Nurul Iman Rosman said...

wahhh! best nyeeee! :D

Yong Sofea said...

omg seronoknyaaa! *teringin* :)

FarahAqilah said...

oww great apis,da mcm hamster air pn ade aku tgk huhuhu but it seems fun! best gler ble la aku dpt try tu!

Apis Hilton said...

@Delila Abu Bakar,Yong Sofea, Nurul Iman Rosman : yes, mmg seronok tapi penat

@FarahAqilah : next time u here, nnt kite pg with your fam okay??