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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Year of Dragon

Every year, I always stoked when Chinese New year is imminent.. That is because Mcdonald's will serve Properity Burger with twister fries as the sideline menu. I love twister fries and that explain why I have twisted life #lamejoke..

As a cheapskate and a penny-pinching person, this year I managed to find the cheapest CNY card ever . Really is cheap, it only costed me RM2.50. Hallmark do not sell RM2.50 card, so it is from Memory Lane actually.


 I believe it is not the price of the card, but the sincereness is that matter (I can't believe I write this crap). 

that was a lot of using eraser when I wrote the characters. I hope people can read them since I haven't write arabic characters since I got B for Agama Islam subject for SPM. (?)

Ok dear my friend Leong, I'm here wishing you :

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sweet_cherry said...

wow,i'm in ur blog..thx =) happy cny to u too~