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Friday, April 13, 2012

A Cup Of Coffee

Having a cup of coffee,
Over my friend's story,
It is so spooky,
Makes me wanna pee.

After a cup of coffee,
I am no longer sleepy,
Try to do some activity,
But I am too weary.

Hey you a cup of coffee,
You make me dizzy,
I go to watch some telly,
Finally the telly watches me.

A new day and it's shiny,
I am no longer dreamy,
Now having a cup of coffee,
I feel so cheery.

originally by me who drinks the coffee ;)


Unknown said...

Love it :-) .... Awesome .... Only stanza 3.... You make. ... Not makes

Apis Hilton said...

Major mistake!!! going to amend it pronto ;p