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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sempu Island

First of all, a photo of me at Sendang Biru Beach, sitting on a tree that grow horizontally went missing. So I draw it back using "paint". Sort of like this  

Second is on our way to Sempu Island, one of the tyres got puncture. Once the car stopped, I went to toilet.  When I got back from the loo, I found that they already changed the tyre. There was nothing left for me to do. I wish I could do somethinggggg ;p

A tree that welcome us!

That is "Sempu Island" behind us where the hidden lagoon called "Segoro Anakan" is located. The beach that faces mainland is called Sendang Biru Beach and we were about to go there. Boat fee for return/back trip Rp100000 steered by local. If you want to hire a guider to guide you to the hidden lagoon additional fee is Rp150000

I am being trolled

Actions on the boat. 

Actions at Sendang Biru Beach

 Heading to the hidden lagoon

Never give up!

The hidden lagoon..............

.................stay hidden in the eyes of ours. Hahaha. We only went halfway because we gave up 

On our way back to Sendang Biru Beach

I am being trolled AGAIN!

PS : When I was in driving school, they didn't teach me how to change the tire, So, I don't know how to change it

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aini shahroni said...

sempu island?
ingatkan syampu..
bestnyew gi jejalan..

from ::Arkitek Hati::