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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


one of my besties is moving to  another continent. 

Liar, liar, liar, my pants on fire

I couldn't be more hyperbole ;)  M just landed a job in Miri, still in Malaysia. 

So I had her over dinner to bid her goodbye. We talked like a lot and a bit aloud. I think we annoyed the peoples who sat next to us. But who cares, we didn't have dinner at restaurant where jazz music is played. So being silence is not crucial. 

So this is the picture from the dinner. It took her years to tweet this, I almost turned to hundred years!

We rarely met when she is in KL, let alone Miri. I think the next time I m going to see her again is when she got married and asked me to be her brides maid.

Anyway wishing M the very best for her new job. I see you when I see you again. *weeping*

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Anonymous said...

ur gorgeous fren : x larat nak jadi bridesmaid weh! dont worry apis,someday u gona be in miri whether ur workin here or having holiday here.