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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

With Yuna At Dewan Filharmonik Petronas

Decorate song really moved me last night..Because I am still speechless with her performance, let the photos speak for you!

Before the show 

The lovebirds almost gave me nervous breakdown by arriving there quite late

During the show, silly me, there won't me any photos because I left the camera inside the locker provided..Plus I want to enjoy the show, super duper camera will be a distraction

I was looking for Apip and Kak Wa after the show and suddenly Aizat met me..Hahaaaa..A photo is a must then ;)

After the show

First round for meet & greet session ONLY with the fans but I managed to get two pictures with her 


and I got myself a signed ticket

Queuing for 2nd time for photo session!

Patiently waiting for our turn

When the patience wore off and when the line seemed not moving at all, these happened! Unavoidable facial expression


with the band mates!

and all these photos won't be here if this guy wasn't there..all kudos to him!


Anonymous said...

one word, JEALOUS! i envy youuuuuuuuuu

Apis Hilton said...

RT dylla fadzil 小草莓 : ;) but Yuna came to Alor Star Mall the other day, last week I think

thoyy zainal said...

i dont like yuna but youre one lucky bitch sebab dapat balik kl while im stuck here at shitkandar. hahaha

Heidi Shafiq said...

berani ko gesel2 bahu dgn awek aku? aku tumbuk kang..

Apis Hilton said...

RT thoyy zainal : i am a dude..hahaaa

Apis Hilton said...

RT Heidi Shafiq : ah kau Hanis pon nak, Yuna pon nak..damn je..hahaaa

salwafatin said...

wmf adlh org yg paling gembira dlm bulan september ini!

Apis Hilton said...

RT salwafatin : yes I am!

salwafatin said...

sb besday i 28 ni kan..haha

Apis Hilton said...

RT salwafatin : sempat je promosi birthday..hahaaa