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Friday, November 18, 2011

Sirih Pulang Ke Ganggang

It is just one of the ways of me telling I went back to hometown. This time for Aidil Adha celebration. Notorious for seldom going back, peoples would ask me these two question during the holiday season

"Are going back hometown this time?"

"Yes  I'm going back"

"which hometown?

My classmaid classmate, Adeline, followed me back, so it is mandatory to give her a tour to some of the interesting (?) places in Terengganu. Some of the places I define as interesting to visit are :

Location : Pantai Teluk Ketapang near Kuala Terengganu Airport and that collapsed stadium. What shameful incident


Location : State Museum
I made my own history, I went here for the first time ever and definitely the last time ever too. And no wonder I didn't do well in my History subject

Location : Masjid Kristal, Taman Tamadun Islam

doing my vice, couldn't help it this man

Location : Pasar Payang 


Location : Bukit Puteri

Location : Masjid Tengku Zaharah aka Masjid Terapung

It is really is floating!

Location : Hutan Lipur Sekayu

We made it here, it wasn't because of me because Abang; cousin of mine who is actually younger than me, drove the car. If it was me who sat on the driver seat, we still made it, but I might be took some times to be there. Let us embrace the nature!

Location : Noor Arfa Batik

The journey ended here! 


Anonymous said...

phieww...nasib gambar kontroversi tuh tak termasuk :)

Anonymous said...

went there may last year tak silap. pasar payang n somewhere around stadium runtuh ja sempat visit. masjid crystal pun tak sempat. sobs.

munira hashim said...

btw.....no place like home...=)

Apis Hilton said...

RT Anonymous : yeah I know, lucky me I have to be picky for the photos ;p

Apis Hilton said...

RT Dylla Fadzil : then come again this year!

Apis Hilton said...

RT munira hashim : yep couldn't agree more, home is sweet home!

Anonymous said...

dont mind me askin... was browing tru the net an saw the pictures u posted..
i would like to ask... the first picture.. u stated Pantai Teluk Ketapang...
where is this place.. and is it on the Mianland Malaysia..
how do i get to this place..
hope to hear a reply from u.. thanks..;)
Edy.. frm Singapore..;)

Anonymous said...

u can reply to me on my email...
don_edy55@hotmail.com thanks..
Edy.. frm Singapore..