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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sweet Tooth

Excitement & 50% off brought me here ; Tutti Frutti Bukit Beruang. And peoples kept posting their pictures on fb made me even more unease to sit still at home.

So long story short I went there. To make me less sinful, I consider it as a reward for myself after 2 days of 9am-until-5pm-class during the weekend and now it is paid off! 

@Dylla Fadzil next time let's hang out at Frutti Frutti Goya okay when I am in town ??
@WaneyJamil berpaling tadah!! :)

Drop your tooth, my cup cost me only RM9.65 

the dudes's cup

terhangit terhangat di pasaran!

bumped into Tipark and her 10.1 tab..She went back earlier than us to finish her assignment, that was what she said ;) 

and Meela too

Group Photo : The Duke Dudes

 PS : to the staffs please smile though I paid only half of the price. Still I paid


Anonymous said...

will never go to Frutti Frutti, Goyo or Gayo (or whatever HAHA) again. HAD ENOUGH. LOL.

lets KiwiBerry-ing when youre in town nantiii ;P

Anonymous said...

untunglaaaaa kan dpt makan plusssssss 50% cut off lagi !! benci !!!

p/s: u know me :P

sweet_cherry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sweet_cherry said...

bought me one on my bday =P

Apis Hilton said...

RT Dylla Fadzil: sure sure I will!

Apis Hilton said...

RT Anonymous (i know u Syafiq!) : worth every penyy for penny-penching person like ME ;)

Apis Hilton said...

RT sweet_cherry : that will be next year ;p..but i still owe you for this year birthday..

sweet_cherry said...

haha, really? i nearly 4gt..haha..

Apis Hilton said...

RT sweet_cherry : now I wish u forgot that ..hahaa

sweet_cherry said...

coz u remind me jznw, so nw i wil rmb it foreva..=P

Apis Hilton said...

RT sweet_cherry : damn it ;p